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Scar Oil

Scar Oil

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Signature Natural Remedy Herb Scar Oil

Life has bumps and bruises, and sometimes even scars. Our scar oil supports cell regeneration, increases tissue repair and proliferation, and helps in breaking down old scar tissue. It was the first product developed by Air who wanted to reduce her own scars from her past trauma. Now, our scar oil is a customer favorite. 

What does it do?
Our scar oil with rose, hibiscus, and helps with the hyperpigmentation surrounding the scar area. Meanwhile, helichrysum, arctium lappa, rose hip and rose help reduced the elevation of scar tissue. Vitamin E and avocado helps nourish the newly developed skin. Scar oil will not create skin tissue where none exists. 

How does it work?
Apply to clean skin two to three times daily. If you are exfoliating the skin, then apply afterwards. Do not apply to open wounds. Older scars take longer to reduce. A general rule of thumb is, "it takes 3/4th the age of the scar to see visible results" but some individuals receive results sooner. 



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