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Spiritually Cleanse Hex Breaking Crystal Box

Flying with Air

Regular price $45.00

Spiritually Cleanse Hex and Curse Breaking Box
This is the total complete spiritual cleansing box from the Flying with Air collection. It is designed to spiritually cleanse, break any hexes or curses and start anew for your body, mind, spirit and soul.

What does it do?
This box is curated with the tool kit you need to start with a clean aura and energy map again. It includes a cleansing or healing travel crystal in a sachet, earthy rosemary purification topical or aromatherapy essential oil, white sage smudge, cedar smudge, palo santo, and our elderberry protection cleansing bar. 

Individual Item Box Value: $52.00 before tax!!!

How does it work? 

Each item has both a spiritual and physical purification and protective property to help your overall wellbeing. The crystal may vary in type, size and shape.