Sweet Grass Braided Smudge

Sweet Grass Braided Smudge

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Sweet Grass (Sweetgrass) Braided Smudge Stick
Smudging is a popular practice across several cultures and has been around for thousands of years. Use the Smudge Stick from the Flying with Air collection to smudge a home or office space and cleanse the negative energy from the sacred area. These are approximately  4"-5” smudge sticks.

What does it do?

Sweetgrass dispels negative energy, elicits emotional strength, and engages our minds and senses. Brings positivity energy.

How does it work?
To cleanse a home from airborne bacteria or negative influence you will want to have a door or open window nearby. A single smudge stick should last at least a few sessions as it will burn to a stopping point. As always for safety, do not leave anything lit unattended in your home. We recommend using a shell or ceramic bowl for easy clean up of remaining ashes. 

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