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Tantra Session - 1.5 Hour (Virtual)

Tantra Session - 1.5 Hour (Virtual)

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Tantra contains the knowledge of almost all major areas of our life: health, cleansing of the body, mental balance, and harmonious relationships between people. As a rule, our mind is not satisfied with what we have, it constantly needs something else. Tantra helps to direct the mind of the person inward towards self-knowledge. Any unfulfilled desire of ours is, in fact, excess energy that can be used both to destroy oneself, as many people do and for spiritual work on oneself and growth.

And this is exactly the sense of Tantra. This is a way not to suppress your desires, but to learn to feel your energy, low or sublime, and transform it into a blessing.

Tantra is a science that studies the liberation of consciousness through expansion, and increasing energy. The sexual aspects of Tantra are only a part of these methods. Tantra is suitable for those who want to reach a new level of connectedness in relationships.

People who think that Tantra is only about sex are deeply mistaken. Additionally, it is important to understand that Tantra does not offer faith or philosophy. It is not a religion and can be practiced by any person of any religion.



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