3 Card Tarot Reading Delivered Via Email Virtually

3 Card Tarot Email Reading

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3 Card Tarot Reading Delivered Via Email Virtually

The word tarot means working with the divine and this is exactly what we aim to accomplish in all of our tarot readings. This reading is best for generalized universal messages from your spirit guides.

What does it do?
These readings are best for connecting you with your spirit guides for general life direction. We suggest having an open mind and heart for these readings. If you have a particular subject you want the reader to focus on, please add it to the customer notes at checkout.

How does it work?
Step One: Purchase the package that best fits your needs.

Step Two: You will receive an email from us with your three card reading within 48 business day hours. The reading will have the three cards drawl from the Green Witch deck as well as the explanations of each card for your needs. We will also mention any cross over messages between the cards if they present a story or theme. 

Step Three: Interpret the message with an open spirit, heart and mind. If you wish for a deeper reading or to subscribe to our monthly emailed readings come back to our website to purchase a follow-up reading or one of our more in-depth readings.

Additional Important Information

  • These are not our in-depth readings. If you need an in-depth reading about a particular situation you are working through please see our Mystic Pyramid Spread reading or Nine-Card Square Spread readings. 
  • All readings are delivered via the email address provided at checkout. Please add us to your contact list to ensure proper delivery.
  • Your reading will be delivered within 48 business day hours. If you purchase multiple readings please reference the packages sections to know time delivery.
  • All of our tarot card readers are located within the United States. Most of our seers are located in Miami, Florida. We send readings in English, but if you would like us to send your reading in Spanish please let us know in the customer notes. 


Package A: This package includes one high-level three card reading.

Package B: This package includes four high-level card readings. The first is delivered within 48 business day hours, and the next three are delivered on a weekly basis. 

Package C: This package includes four high-level card readings. The first is delivered within 48 business day hours, and the next three are delivered on a new moon monthly basis. 


Disclaimer: The information above is general and not medical advice. We do not claim to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or condition. We strongly advise to not inflict harm on yourself or those are around you. Please consult with a physician for any health needs including information about our products. 

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