Tea Leaf Reading

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Tea Leaf Reading Session

Tasseography also known as tea leaf or coffee reading is a divination or fortune-telling method. After drinking from a cup in a defined practice, we interpret leaves to determine patterns in the leaves or grounds.

What does it do?
Your seer will focus on the pattern of your leaves or grounds to help explain messages to guide you. Some messages are present will others are distant future.

How does it work?
Readings can be done remotely by working with your seer. We will guide you on how to correctly use your tea reading cup (your favorite mug) to start your reading. Then you can share an image of your cup for us to give you the deciphered message. For you, it will take the time of enjoying a nice cup of tea, and we return readings as quickly as possible -normally in 48 hours. Some readings may be more complex than others. We will email you a detailed message. 

How does scheduling work?

If you rather have your session in person, we offer this service in the Miami-Dade county. Please email us to determine a time. 

    The Day of the Session

    Before the session, clear your mind and heart from all expectations. Reading leaves is not about goal setting or spell casting. It is about receiving messages from the curator and universe openly. Those messages may not always be what you want to hear or direct answers, but they are what the universe is ready to provide in the moment. 

    Want to Schedule a Group Session?
    We can provide tea readings at events. Please contact us via email for this service.

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