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White Sage Cleansing Spray

Flying with Air

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White Sage Cleansing Spray

Our white sage cleansing spray is for spiritual energy detox with ease. This energy cleanser is infused with saliva apiana (white sage) and basil as well as crystal citrine infusion and reiki blessed moon water.

What does it do?
White sage, citrine, basil and moon water joins forces with the element of the spirit and your intention to clear the negative energy from your home. This is a great alternative to burning sage with the same amazing blessings. 

How does it work?
Spray the cleansing energy detox as needed while setting a positive intention. White sage is the best known master herb for blessing as well as clearing out the negativity in an area. Basil is known as a purifier for both the mind, body and soul. Citrine promotes wellness, joy, happiness and overall vibrational energy of a home or office. The energy of the full moon is transferred to help set your intentions and promote goodness and peace in for you.