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in radiant, healing light

"Yoga means 'union' and it saved my life. I have overcame so many death defying experiences and yoga taught me how to trust myself and breathe again." We unite light with your practice along with the privacy to go inwards. You won't find yourself needing to look around the room to see if you are "getting it right." Instead our traditional vinyasa, yin-yang and restorative classes allow you to journey inwards.

Dance & Flow

"I love to dance! But I used to be afraid because I wasn't professionally trained. The only time I felt comfortable was when the lights were low. Then I discovered immersive light rooms and it felt like a journey into my soul. That's why I knew this was going to be important." Now we provide unique dance and flow classes that allow for your spirit to feel free and alive.

Meditation & Sound Baths

"Meditation is the my foundational framework. Starting my day in meditation is how I achieve my goals, regulate my emotions and discover who I am." We have daily mediation hours as well as sound baths and ceremonies focused on breathwork.

Aerial Arts & Air Flow

"Have you ever flown? The moment I found aerial and my feet left the ground is the moment I felt truly free. Aerial arts are euphoric." We guide beginner level aerial silks and aerial yoga is coming soon.

Open Gym

"Sometimes you just want to play, sometimes you just want the sense the lights and energy and others, well you need to practice for the upcoming performance." Open gym time is available for those wanting private sessions, a space for personal growth and for those training.

Tantra Workshops

"When I learned the true purpose behind tantra's ancient practice, I discovered intimacy in a whole new way. Into-me-I-see." We practice pink tantra in the studio where we heal from old wounds and begin to discover ways to build self-concept, self love and healthy relationship dynamics.

Relationship Mixers

"Everyone told me dating in the city is impossible, but I just refused to believe it. I studied psychotherapy for my graduate program. Helping others achieve healthy relationships fulfills part of my dharma." We host once a month relationship mixers for singles and couples in the Miami area. Those who attend must be locals seeking healthy relationship dynamics. We are ending the toxic cycle of love and introducing a new way to date in Miami.


"If you truly know something, you can teach anyone - a million different ways. This is one of the most important concepts I have inputted into my framework." We will have our first 200hr student yoga training this Winter 2024. We meet twice a week for nine weeks. Then after successful completion of the program, we will show you how to enroll with the Yoga Alliance for certification. If you enroll today in the program, you will receive a founder's school discount.
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Frequently Questions Asked

  1. Q. What is light immersion yoga, dance etc.?
    A: You will be healing, flowing and growing in a immersive light experience as we guide your practice.
  2. Q. Is it in the dark or is it in the light?
    A: An immersive experience starts in a dark room in which different patterns, shapes and lines of light enlighten the room for a sensory experience. You will be able to see in the room.
  3. Q. What type of memberships do you have?
    A: There are three different types of memberships: meditation & ceremonies, full studio and relationship/mixer events. You can learn more about each type of members under the "memberships" tab.
  4. Q. How often do you have sound baths, relationship mixers, tantra workshops and cacao ceremonies?
    A: We have sound baths at least one a week, but two times a week on average. We have cacao ceremonies, relationship mixers and tantra workshops once a month.
  5. Q. How old do you have to be to join the studio?
    A: We require all attendees of events and classes be 18 years or older. Children are allowed to be in the retail store or watch events.

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