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Flying with Air

Monthly Tumbled Crystal Subscription

Monthly Tumbled Crystal Subscription

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Monthly Tumbled Crystal Subscription 
This is the monthly tumbled Crystal subscription plan from the Flying with Air collection. It is designed to help bring energy healing and education to your lifestyle. We are striving to provide a simple way to learn about crystals while providing the many benefits crystals can bring to your life.

What does it include?
This monthly subscription will include one high quality tumbled crystal or gemstone that we have cleansed, blessed and charged for you. We will also include the crystal description card to help you learn the best charka energy and healing qualities of your gem. 

Our crystals are easily transportable with their pocket size nature. They are polished tumbled stones to avoid tearing clothing or sensitive hands. Some of our past tumbled stones include crystals and gems like Rose Quartz, Teal Agate, Amethyst & many more. 

How does it work? 

Subscribe to your monthly crystal or buy this month’s tumbled crystal. 

In addition to receiving your monthly tumbled crystal, you will receive more free education about cleansing, charging and programming your crystals through email or anytime on our blog. 

All of our crystals provided to you have been doubled cleansed and charged before leaving our store -helping them be ready for you to set your intentions through meditation or prayer. 

Our 2022 Monthly Crystal List:

January: Amethyst

February: Blue/Turquoise Howlite

March: Teal Agate

April: Clear Quartz

May: Aventurine

June: Snowflake Obsidian

July: Opalite

August: Citrine

September: white Howlite

October: Tiger's Eye

November: Selenite

December: Hematite



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