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Tapping into the Powerful Mindset of the Femme Fatale

Tapping into the Powerful Mindset of the Femme Fatale - Show Notes

Title: Tapping into the Powerful Mindset of the Femme Fatale



Isabella Flames/Raquel Harris

Guest Biography:

From Mexico originally, Isabella is in the tantric massage and adult film industries. She has her very own company called Loving Creations LLC. Currently residing in Miami, Florida she alludes confidence, connection and femme fatale industry. 

Main Show Takeaways:

  • Femme Fatale Meaning
  • Femme Fatale Characters and Examples
  • Femme Fatale Aesthetic Clothing and Archetype
  • How to Express Your Femme Fatale
  • Femme Fatale Communication Language and Connection
  • Separating the Feminine Energy of Work from Personal Relationships
  • Femme Fatale Spirituality and Mindset
  • Understanding Your S3xual Energy as a Woman
  • Staying Safe in Expressing Your Femme Fatale

Show Summary:

If you have ever been interested in what it means to be a femme fatale or to have the presence of Angelia Jolie or Jessica Rabbit, this episode is for you! We are exploring the spirituality and mindset of feminine sexuality and sensuality. 

Special Gift from Isabella to Air on Episode:

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Links to Site, Resources and Accounts:

Host Instagram: @airkraehmer

Flying with Air Instagram: @flyingwithairshop

Guest Instagram: @isabellaflames

Guest is also on OnlyFans. 

Products or Services Discussed During Episode:

All products discussed on this episode are in our stores and on our website. Click URL to view. 

Book: Models Stop Traffic: How to Dodge Enslavement in Pursuit to Become the Next Top Model

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