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Introduction to the Evil Eye

Introduction to the Evil Eye


Introduction to the Evil Eye

Written By: Ines Maria

The Evil Eye. El Mal del Ojo. Ojo Turco. The Mati. The Nazar Eye. This is a supernatural belief in a curse where one is being sent ill intent and misfortune into one's life. The intention behind it is usually due to envy or dislike. It is casted by a malevolent glare from one who has bad intentions towards you. But don't worry, there are ways to protect you against this evil energy.

Introduction to the Evil Eye

There are known to be three different evil eyes/intentions of the evil eye. The first would be the unconscious, where hurt is being done without even intentionally knowing, which usually stems from jealously. The second is the conscious, where the intention to harm is known and present. And the last is the unseen, which is the most dangerous because you won't know that it's coming your way so the intention is even stronger.

Using a talisman is known to be spiritual protection/luck over anyone/anything that is sending negative energy towards your way. It can be worn as jewelry, used as decoration around your house, or simply just a small item you carry around in your bag. Either way, its purpose will be served. The talisman is mainly known for being dark blue, but can also come in the colors of green, red, orange, purple, yellow, brown, and pink.

Introduction to the Evil Eye

The Evil Eye is a well known part of Greek Culture. But the first discussion of it dates back between 3300 and 3000 BC in the Mesopotamian era.  The talisman were first created back in the 6th BC in Ancient Greece, and they were known as the "all-seeing eyeballs" to ward off the negative energy coming from the sender.

Some signs that could result in being sent the Evil Eye can be:

- Fatigue/Weakness

- Unreasonable negative energy

- Enhanced stress/tension

Of course these are signs that can be a result of anything, but they tend to be common factors of being sent the Evil Eye. Either way, it is important to make sure you're protecting yourself and the energy around you. Because you truly never know who can be sending that unwanted energy your way. 


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